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Liberty Lantern

Exclusive Limited Time Offer!

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Perfect Indoors, Outdoors and On The Go!!! Classic Lantern with a Modern Flare

Bigger and brighter then any modern day lantern the Liberty Lantern gives you that classic vintage lantern look with a modern day feel. With nine LEDs in each lantern this is perfect for any camping trip, outdoor activity or to use inside your house! Each lantern comes with a dimming switch, portable handle and is made of genuine metal for durability. Each lantern lasts up to 100,000 hours!

The Liberty Lantern is perfect for any occasion. Go camping, lazy evenings on the front porch or a better-than-a-flashlight option when the power is out. Whenever, wherever or however you use this nostalgic lantern, you'll appreciate the LED light and the thousands of hours of light. The fact that it sheds a cozy, romantic glow is just a little extra!

Vintage lantern with a modern day look!
Made of genuine metal for durability. Lightweight and durable!
Each lantern lasts up to 100,000 hours of continuous use!
Includes dimming switch for soft lighting or a strong glow!
Each lantern has 9 LED lights!